Mid Length Hair WAVE Update

I’m sure you guys caught it, but yes, I cut a few inches off of my hair and lightened it up a bit. You know, the long hair was pretty, but it was not doing much for me anymore. I felt like it just hung there and didn’t have enough life or movement. SO, I cut it. I have to admit I have had no regrets or sadness thus far- I think it was a good move for me.
One of the excitements of cutting your hair is washing it and styling it on your own. This was the first time I had styled it since I had cut it, and I also learned a new curling trick from my friend that cut my hair. She works as a freelance hairdresser and sometimes we get to work on jobs together when I am doing the makeup and she is doing the hair. I really admire her work so I was excited to see how she would curl my hair.
This means you will have to watch and learn the new trick for mid length curls. (That would also work for any length hair!) She also introduced me to a new product I had never heard of before from a brand called Unite TRICKY SPRAY!  It’s a spray wax and hairspray blend.  It gives the hair life, separation, and texture.  It is amazing.  Side note: A little goes a long way!  Don’t over do it with this spray.  I also had previously sprayed some Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo in my roots for a little volume and texture, and as an oil preventive.  Even though my hair was clean, I think it is always a good idea to add powder to anticipate grease you will get during the day.
I’m still obsessed with using my Hot Tools Curling Wand– not only is it really easy to use, it also makes styling my hair go a lot quicker.  The wand is HOT, so you really can get the sections done in no time at all.  I think this hairstyle took me a total of 10 minutes!  As I am typing this I haven’t washed it since-and it’s day 3- and it’s still looking good!  Set it and forget it!!! Xx