BEAUTY ROUND UP: Summer for Nails

I’m just going to put it out there and say this has been the summer for nails. It seems like every brand is having fun with nails from new colours, to finishes, stickers – you name it and you can find it!

There is so much to talk about so let’s get started!

revlon moon candy

Nail art is made easy with the Moon Candy line from Revlon. Such a no brainer when you aren’t sure which pretty top coat effect goes with what colour. Revlon does all the work for you with a two in one tube. Of course you can always mix and match all the different colours. There are 10 shades so the combinations are virtually endless!


L’Oreal has also been making nails fun for me. I had a great time playing around with different top coats at their Red Carpet Man (aka Tom Bachik) event. I tried out these L’Oreal Top Coats (pinky, ring and middle finger) and Nail Lingerie stickers (index finger)for different effects. I love these – this is probably the only “nail art” I can handle ?


Do you guys remember “Lee Press On Nails“? Haha I’m totally aging myself here – but imPress Press on manicures are actually quite impressive! No glue required and your nails aren’t ruined when removed. Upon close inspection you can see they aren’t my real nails but NONE of my co-workers could believe these weren’t my nails when I showed them. They come in different sizes and I chose the shortest ones. I also still cut them to close to my finger tips. These lasted me almost a week until I woke up one morning missing a nail. They are also super easy to remove so I think these are great for when you need “polish” on the go.


I just discovered this line of nail polishes called Spa Ritual when I went to an event at the Elixr Spa. All the polishes are vegan and the sparkles that you see in the polish are recycled glass!


PolkaDots_Pink_Bottle copy

Maybelline’s Color Show Nail polish in pink Polka Dots is also very cute. Love that it’s so easy to get a fun effect in one step!


If you’re really into gel polish the Kiss Everlasting Gel polish system is perfect for an at home manicure that will last you up to 2 weeks!

Phew! Now that is a lot of nail news! There’s probably so many more new products out this summer that I missed but these were the only ones I was able to try out in the past few months.

Have you experimented with any new nail products lately? Let me know your favourites or which ones have caught your eye!

***Disclosure: products sent for review consideration***