Watch: 2 L.A. Skin Experts Answer Your Burning Questions on Under-Eye Fillers

As it turns out, many who walk into the dermatologist’s office convinced they need under-eye filler could, in fact, actually make matters worse if they go through with it. If you don’t have hollowing underneath your eyes, filler (which is a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a sugar that your body naturally creates) could end up looking puffy and develop “mounds” in the treated area—not exactly the look you were aiming for. Which is why finding a dermatologist or skin expert who’s conservative with filler is key.

I experienced this very situation myself a few months ago: I was convinced I needed filler injected in my under-eyes, but my derm, Shereene Idriss of Union Square Dermatology, was blatantly honest (which I appreciated) about the fact that filler wouldn’t “sit” on the bone underneath my eye because of the way my skull is structured. Instead, she told me, she’d need to strategically place the filler on my temples and upper cheeks to lift the skin and get my desired look. There’s a science to it, one that these experts went through intensive training for, so it wasn’t up to me to dictate when and where she should inject me.

If you’re considering under-eye filler yourself, you probably have a lot of questions and perhaps some fears. That’s understandable—there’s a lot to know before sitting in the chair (like the fact that it makes a crackling noise as it’s being injected—don’t say I didn’t warn you), and you probably want to put your mind at ease. So, we enlisted the help of Good Skin L.A. founders Lisa Goodman and Laura Pack and made a video answering all your burning filler questions. Watch it below!

See? Not so scary when you know what to expect. But if you’re still on the fence, these filler substitutes might quench your thirst in the meantime.

1 / 3SHOPDr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules $215

These tiny vials hold both long- and short-term hyaluronic acid molecules to hydrate the surface of the skin and deep within the layers. It’s filler without the needle, plus the hydration.

2 / 3SHOPFillerina Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Filler Treatment Grade 2 $165

While these syringes look invasive, this Botox substitute and filler is actually just a two-step Replenishing gel to fill in wrinkles and a Nourishing Firm cream to create a barrier against dehydration. Results are promised to last up to four months. “For some fine lines on my forehead and under-eye, this product total wiped it all out,” one user writes. “So grateful. Thanks for whoever designed this product. I love you.”

3 / 3SHOPNatura Bissé Inhibit High Definition Patches $440

These patches come with tiny micro-cones of hyaluronic acid that penetrate the skin and dissolve to plump the skin. They’ve also got conotoxin, an ingredient that relaxes facial contractions, thereby inhibiting the formation of new lines.

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