Imaginative, intuitive beauty, from Hannes Dóttir

I am feeling so refreshed and recharged after using Hannes Dóttir Icelandic Formula Youth Regenerating Sea Masque, followed by a sheer mist of the Luminizing Toner, and just a drop of the Elixir of Minerals.
My skin truly feels and looks more refined, lifted, dewy, soft, supple and radiant.  I’m amazed with these special formulas, and even more surprised by how many compliments I’ve received after using them.
Hannes Dóttir is an all natural, green beauty, skincare brand made with vital minerals, crystals, and organic Icelandic sea kelp, derived from the volcanic fjords of Iceland.
Sea kelp nourishes the skin combined with Alum Crystal to firm, tighten, and lift while also protecting the skin from toxins.  Each of the formulas also contain anti-inflammatory nutrients and natural anti-oxidants such as zinc, and tincture of iodine to reduce fine lines. To calm redness and provide anti-bacterial protection, it includes the essential oils spearmint and grapefruit . To hydrate and oxygenate the skin, there are natural humectants, honey and vegetable glycerin.  There’s also citric acid and silica to promote collagen, and to strengthen elasticity and accelerate cell turnover.
Hannes Dóttir is also exceptionally unique because of its origins.  It was created from a visionary list of ingredients, and cultivated by Janis Kristjanson, who founded the brand by following her divine intuition and the guidance of her forefathers, hence the name Dóttir, meaning daughter in Icelandic.
Hannes Dóttir truly is what it claims to be, made with LOVE!  Yes, these powerful nutrients will give you a glow and a youthful luminous complexion your heart desires.  The smooth effect of these miraculous ingredients are so addictive, I can hardly keep my hands off my face.  I highly recommend Hannes Dóttir to you and hope you too enjoy all the many benefits these treatments have to offer.
Best to you!

Also in the line are the Mineral Wash, Marine Collagen Lift, Elixir Eye Extreme, and Sea Scrub SeaSoak. They are available for purchase locally in Los Angeles at Ron Robinson @apothia_la.