16 Camera Ready Essentials

I am still coming down from the high that is what we call in Hollywood, “Awards Season.”  Basically, between mid January to the end of February, a common quote you may hear around town is “contact me after awards season…..”!  It’s just that busy with people amongst the industry that real life is on pause until it’s over.
I love awards season, it’s so exciting for so many reasons. I follow a lot of movies, music, and TV, so watching the awards shows becomes that much more enjoyable.  But let’s be honest, you know the main reason I watch is to see the GLAM and GOWNS!  It draws so much inspiration for me, and I love to see not only classic beauty done really well, but mixed with some risks that either go really well, or (fail).
It also inspires me because I am still a working artist, and one of my major goals is to have my own beauties walking the Red Carpet with glam by ME!  I’ve had a few on the carpet, but to have them walking the red carpet for the Academy Awards would be the next step for me, and I would be honored. So let’s see, now you know too, and putting it out in the universe is part of the process.
ANYWAYS, this time of year, it is always exciting to see what the stars of Hollywood are doing to prepare themselves for the red carpet.  We find new products, tips, and tricks all over the internet, and it’s fun to research and compare notes.
To my surprise, I got the box I always dream of getting in the mail from Violet Grey.  That chic, simple white box with a perfect black bow always makes my heart skip a beat, and boy was I surprised to see what was inside!
They have rounded up their 16 essentials, and I wanted to pass it along to you guys, because their round up is amazing and has a few of my favorites, along with some new discoveries for myself as well!
There is no need for me to go into detail on each product, because they already have.  I linked it above, and will again at the end of this article.  Here are a few of my notes to add to their’s!
I will tell you that the Dior Addict Lip Glow in Berry is my new OBSESSION because it’s a better version of my lip color, and is SO moisturizing.  OBSESSED!
The Oribe Dry Texture Spray is also a favorite of mine, and I use it (almost) every day in my hair, otherwise my hair gets pretty soft, and blah….it needs that sexy Kate Moss texture, and this is sex in a bottle.  Plus, the smell……..Tom Ford anyone?!
The Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint is super interesting if you are looking to glow up your eyelids, which is a major trend coming this spring.  Think lived in, and a little messy…..
violetgrey4 violetgrey3
The Chantecaille Liquid Lumière is one of my top go-to highlighters, so glad to hear they feel the same as far as what the best of the best are!
Nude nails are what I saw all over this fashion week, and leave it to Tom Ford to come out with the PERFECT nude.  Not only do I enjoy staring at this in it’s bottle on my vanity, it turns out to be the perfect color nude as well (which is not easy, I’ve searched high and low….)  I’m currently wearing the color Toasted Sugar on my toes, and it’s the best!
HEAD OVER TO VIOLET GREY to see their full roundup of camera ready essentials, including this hat, which every chic girl needs! Xx