Youngmumstufff current top 5 favorourite Autumn fall winter lipsticks dusty rose and mauve shades

Hi! So I wanted to share with you my current top 5 favourite shades!! This is a collab with Daniela from Miss New Beauty and Bec rom Beauty With Bec . Daniela could not commit to saying these were her top 5 of all time haha, I mean what Lipstick lover can choose between her lipsticks!!
So this is our CURRENT favourites! I’m so hoping this is not boring because I think you guys can guess my favourites and as I took my photos I realised the colours are nearly identical!!! 4 are liquid lipsticks. Again I cheated and have added my favourite lip pencils of the moment too….haha

dose of colors stone top 5 lipstick best lipstick

1. DOSE OF COLORS – Stone –
This is SORREN colour, the best colour EVER!! Perfect dusty mauve shade, any one can wear this but if you have dark hair You need it!!! Of course I have a full review HERE! This colour also fades really evenly which is a huge bonus!

Dose of colors Stone swatch favourite mauve lip colour

This Picture Probable captures the colour perfectly! other photos it looks to purple or too brown, this is what it looks like in person :) These pics are In different Lighting

top fall autumn winter lipstick youngmumstufff mac new matte lipstick whirl

2. MAC – Whirl
My favourite MAC lipstick EVER. I also have a full review HERE and updated review HERE. This is so easy to wear, in trend and even lipstick wimps can wear this!

Mac Matte Lipstick Whirl Swatches review youngmumstufff

In Person this colour is a little deeper and darker!

Anastasia beverly hills veronica liquid lipstick liquid lips deep dusty rose favourite autumn fall winter lipsticks youngmumstufff

This is a new shade to the ABH liquid lipstick collection, Again a review HERE (i review all my favs haha) This colour is darker than the other shades but still on the same colour scale! Again anyone can wear these but if you have dark hair like me you’ll love this!

Anastasia beverly hills liquid lips veronica fall collection 2015

This Pic is taken different days and different lighting so you can see!

Colour pop colour pop tulle liquid matte ultra lip

4. COLOUR POP – Tulle – $6 (pronounced tool)
This colour is sooo pretty! Again full review HERE. I like this instead of the typical winter/autumn Maroon shades this has that berry undertone!! The only down side to this is that it can flake off in the inner part of my lips first. I have to apply lip liner all over my lips and then re apply this after eating, but its $6 can’t beat $6!!!

Colour pop tulle

Now I have no idea why the hell its bright yellow under my neck un these pics, I wasn’t wearing fake tan or yellow foundation haha the lighting on my camera was a jerk this day, ignore that, this is Tulle!

Youngmumstufff top 5 winter autumn fall lip colours coloured raine mars

5. COLOURED RAINE – Mars – $16
Arrrg so cool! This colour is close to Veronica but less brown in it. AGAIN full review HERE. This is longer lasting than Veronica but more drying! This also fades kind of patchy ut you can easily reapply over the first coat with out It separating or anything like that!

Coloured Raine Mars

Now BE NICE But yes my skin was terrible in this pic, that was a BADDDD skin week, but again its about the lip colour! ?

I can not believe that I don’t have a brown lipstick our a greige in there! But honestly these are the top five at the moment! As Miss New Beauty said We cant commit to these being our top 5 of all time!


swatches dusty rose mauve lipstick liquid lipstick dose of colors stone mac whirl matte lipstick anastasia beverly hills veronica colour pop colour pop tulle coloured raine mars

As you can see they are all very similar, especially the bottom 3. They are quite different though. If you want something that wears longer than a regular lipstick but is really comfortable to wear then pick Veronica, Veronica also applies so evenly and smoothly as does Stone!, if you want LONG wearing like NEVER coming off you need Mars, keep in mind it can apply streaky if you’re not careful!! Tulle is another long wearing but it does wear off in the centre of your lips quite quickly. Stone is SO long wearing and probably the most comfortable long wearing matte lipstick ever! Whirl is just beautiful if you don’t want to wear a liquid lipstick!

NOW I cheated and added in 5 lip pencils, why can I never stick to the rules? I’m not sure ?

youngmumstufff current top 5 lip pencils essence satin mauve soft berry mac whirl nyx nude truffle nyx mauve

1. ESSENCE – Satin Mauve – $2
$2 Fricken Dollars, in case you didn’t hear $2!!!!! Not only is this $2 its the best lip pencil! The colour is BEYOND perfect! The formula is great, the right amount of dry and creamy! Arg this can be used under any of the lipstick above!

2. ESSENCE – Soft Berry – $2
Dam beautiful this colour!!! Arg I have about 4 of each of these because of the price but also because I couldn’t bear it if they stop making them!!

3. NYX COSMETICS – Nude Truffle – $6 I mean Nyx cosmetics are my most favourite lip pencils the range is HUGE there is every shades of nude, mauve, brown, red, pink, coral what ever you name it they have it! This is my favourite brown lip pencil it isn’t to cool or warm toned so it can go with any brown lipstick, in swatches below you can see it goes with mauves to! This is perfect with MAC Spirit! (Which I so wish I included)

4. NYX COSMETICS – Mauve – $6
This colour is nearly Identical to MAC Whirl but it has a little less brown to it and more mauve. If you don’t want to spend $30 on a MAC lip pencil! But 6 of these haha!

5. MAC – Whirl – $30
I didn’t like this at first it found the price ridiculous considering id owned NYX mauve for over 2 years. For me this is a my lip but better colour, if you pale this will be a darker dirty rose colour and your dark-skinned this will be a dusty rose nude for you! I use this ALOT now!

Mauve Lip PEncils youngmumstufff top 5 lip pencils essence satin mauve essence soft berry nyx nude truffle nyx mauve and mac whirl

Here is a pic if how they fade. I used a baby wipe and REALLY hard wiped up and down 4 times. You can see that does of colors Stone faded so evenly. Whirl is Completely GONE. Mars and Tulle both faded about the same, they have the best staying powder but fade a little patchy. And out of the liquid lipstick Veronica had the “worst” staying power. This is because Anastasia Beverly Hills has redone the formula. I cant be sure but I think they’ve chosen their new formula to be “comfortable to wear” over “staying power”. I think this was a good move. they’ve obviously tried to do both, have them comfortable and stay all day because they still have amazing staying powder but they are not drying AT ALL. A Lot of people complain about the drying feeling of a liquid lipstick. For me though I need the ones that stay for ages as I’m messy, rough and always playing with my kids haha.


Now quickly here is the Lip Pencils swatches next to the lipsticks, you could mix and match these easily, except nude truffle, that Lip pencil is the perfect lip pencil for EVERY brow lipstick!

mauve dusty rose lip pencils and lipsticks liquid lipsticks

Now if your budget is tight but you still want to rock one of these lip colours, just grab and Essence lip pencil and use it all over your lips, you get the colour you want and the matte finish, these are like $2 or a NYX pencil is really inexpensive to. I wanted you to also see what lip pencil to use with these, they would all mix and match great, my favourite combo is satin mauve with stone and then soft berry is Veronicas perfect match!

NOW this was a collab with Daniela from  and Bec from you know I go on about honesty always so of course I’ll only collab with honest people to! Daniel & Bec give honest opinions and reviews! I’m excited to collab with them as they have different tastes, Daniela Is my makeup twin (meaning we have every thing the same) But she tends to head towards lip colours with a warmer undertone where as I go for things with a cooler undertone! Basically if Mac Taupe and Mac stone were in front of you id grab stone and she would grab taupe for sure! Right Daniela? Bec has really different taste too! Her lip colours vary from bold to nudes so Im really excited to see what her top 5 are! haha So if you aren’t into the colours I like these girls will have you covered!

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