NEW 2015 Nyx cosmetics liquid suede cream lipstick review swatches dupes sandstorm soft spoken vintageWell hello! So big surprise a new liquid lipstick launched and I had to try it! If you follow me on my INSTAGRAM you know I love liquid matte lipsticks! Let me tell you this beauty blogging business is getting expensive! I want to give you guys honest reviews on new releases, I love that you come to my blog because you know I’ll tell you exactly what I think! But I need to calm down on the spending!!

Enough of that, now im a massive NYX COSMETICS fan! My two fav brands are Anastasia Beverly Hills and nyx cosmetics. When I heard they were releasing suede liquid cream lipsticks I was all in!!!

nyx cosmetics new liquid lipsticks suede cream lipsticks swatches dupes review sandstorm vintage soft spoken

I only got 3 shades because well I didn’t have the budget for more and these were the only 3 i HAD to have! But these three colours to me where the prettiest! Right on trend! I got Sand storm, soft spoken and vintage!


nyx new liquid matte lipstick sandstorm suede cream lipstick

This is such a pretty brown nude! oh I love it! it’s very different to velvet teddy by MAC if you were wondering, it’s also much darker than DOSE OF COLORSSand” I’ve watched them to show you

swatches new nyx liquid suede cream lipsticks dupes compare vs mac velvet teddy dose of colors sand

As you can see NYXsand storm” is a medium brown nude, MAC “Velvet Teddy” is a Peachy Brown Nude and DOSE OF COLORS “Sand” is a pale beige nude.


NEW NYX Soft Spoken Matte liquid suede cream lipstick swatches review dupe

Soft spoken is and almost EXACT dupe for MAC New Matte Whril, it’s that dirty rose colour, just the right amount of brown and pink!

swatches dupes new nyx matte liquid suede cream lipsticks soft spoken vs mac whirl vs anastasia beverly hills veronica

Here is NYX “Soft Spoken” next to MAC “Whirl” and ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS “Veronica”
As you can see soft-spoken is a little wet still, when it dries it’s just like whirl!


swatch review nyx new liquid suede cream lipsticks VINTAGE

Vintage is that Dusty berry mauve shade. It’s literally identical to ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS “Trust Issues” in this instance you’re getting what you pay for. Trust Issues is better quality and applies a little nicer and that’s $20 where Vintage can go on a little streaky so you just have to go over it and it looks beautiful it wears of a lot quicker to and its $7. Nyx is giving you the chance to try something on a smaller budget.

Swatches Nyx liquid suede cream lipstick Vintage vs Anastasia Beverly hill Trust issues vs Colourpop colour pop tulle

Here you can see how similar it is to trust issues from ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS, where you can see “Tulle” from COLOUR POP has a little more berry to it.


I love these shades every one is beautiful. Sandstorm is a gorgeous brown nude. Soft spoken in my opinion is an exact dupe for Mac Matte Lipstick Whirl. Vintage is such a gorgeous vampy colour, great dupe for Anastasia Beverly hills trust issues. Now as for the formula, for me these took at least 15-20 minutes to dry. They dry sort of tacky, not uncomfortable but if you press your lips together there is that tackyness. These aren’t drying at all they are so comfortable to wear, i forgot i was wearing anything on my lips. These aren’t that long wearing. And example is I outlined my lips with Mac Whirl lip pencil and then applied Soft spoken all over my lips at 8 am. We went food shopping, At 9 am I had an Ice coffee and got home around 11. The lip colour had nearly completely worn of in the centre of my lips. You can easily touch up but again in a few hours it was gone.

COMPARE: If you want to compare these to colourpop ultra matte lips I prefer these better. Colourpop has a different formula. They dry almost instantly. Their different colours seem to differ in formula also. Colour pop Liquid lipsticks seem to flake of and crack where as these seem to wear off. Colourpop has a bigger shade range where as NYX only have a few. Nyx wins for me because its more comfortable and looks nicer when it fades.

Have you tried these? Are you interested in buying some?

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