My Skin Secret!

One of the most important beauty tricks anyone can have is great skin.  It is, for me, an indicator of a good or bad day.  Ok- that might sound a bit dramatic…..but you know how you feel when you wake up with clear, glowing skin- without a blemish in sight!  You have an instant smile on your face and more pep in your step!
I had seen, read, and heard about the Clarisonic for a while, but never quite took the plunge to purchase one.  The price always scared me and I didn’t know if it would really be worth it.  One day, in a weak internet shopping kind of a day, I made that final click….. and had one headed to my house!
When it arrived, I was a little doubtful- after all, how could this machine change my life?  Well, I am here to tell you… it can!  It loosens dirt and oil, removes deep-seated impurities from pores, and primes the skin to better absorb topical treatments.  It also “slough” off that top layer of dead skin, leaving your skin more soft to the touch and with a perfect glow.
I personally use mine once a day- at night before I go to bed.  It’s great to remove all of the dirt and makeup of the day, and it preps my skin to absorb my night creams even better.  I believe, if you are going to spend the money on treatments and creams for your face, you should have the Clarisonic to get the best performance out of all of your products.
May I also suggest- pick up this Cleansing Facial Brush from Kiko Cosmetics- your not always going to be able to carry your Clarisonic with you everywhere…. and in a pinch (or a sleep over at a friends house) this brush is amazing.  It’s the perfect travel companion, and it definitely won’t break the bank!
Cheers to perfect skin! Xx Nikki


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