Combating Cold Weather

The seasons are changing!!  As we change our wardrobe, we must also change (or amplify) our skin regime.  I especially feel it moving from “Sunny and 65” Los Angeles, to cold and rainy Milan.  Ask any of my friends- when I first arrived I was wearing about 4 coats a day- you could say I was having a rough time adjusting.  Luckily, I’ve conquered that battle, but am now facing the adjustment on cold temperatures with my skin.  As I am typing this, I am looking at my hands, and realizing how important moisturizers are! SO- what to do?  It’s easy!  Just take the time to dedicate to your skin!
EXFOLIATE- I’m talking face, neck, and body- You should be year round anyways, but it’s especially important to get the dead layer of skin off, so that your body can absorb the moisturizers!  I prefer using my Clarisonic for both face and body to exfoliate.
MOISTURIZE- This is the MOST important step!  Again, you always should be moisturizing, but you may want to get a stronger moisturizer for winter…..perhaps, even an oil!  It’s also important to remember to moisturize both  morning and night- and at night choosing a stronger/heavier cream.  A great body moisturizer that I love and use- that has no scent, goes on really nicely, and won’t break the bank- CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.  Personally, I don’t love moisturizers with a scent- because they typically clash with perfumes or can be too strong.
The saviour of all creams for me that I think is amazing to moisturize around the eyes, on the lips, or on any dry or cracked skin….. is Aquaphor!  It’s my go to product for anything and everything- I even have a travel size I keep in my purse at all times.  I also like to use it to replace a cheekbone highlighter in the winter- It gives the skin a nice dewey glow.  Keep in mind that a little goes a long way!
SUNSCREEN-  Just because it’s not beach weather, doesn’t mean you can skimp on the sunscreen.  The sun (hopefully) is still out and shining- and can harm that sweet little face of yours….!  Make sure you are protecting yourself with at least SPF 30- and apply before your favorite foundation.  I have been loving lately this sunscreen from Kiehl’s.  It’s light, oil, and fragrance free.  Great for daily use- and it doesn’t have the heavy sunscreen feel to it.  I also really love this powder sunscreen by Peter Thomas Roth!  This is great for days you forget your sunscreen or want to reapply on the go.  It’s a mineral powder- light to the touch and has a nice matte finish.  The most important thing- is that you are protecting your skin- the easiest way to stay looking youthful and fresh (which is what we all want, right??)
Hand Cream! Hand Cream! Hand Cream!-  Every winter my hands look like they have aged about 5 years if I don’t take care of them and continually reapply the hand cream.  Your hands are also a place that will show signs of aging if you are not careful.  We all want to stay nice and feminine- and nothing is worse than dry, cracked, or wrinkly hands!  For daily use I really like Aveda’s Hand Relief– I even carry a travel size in my purse.  If you really want to amp it up- at night right before you go to sleep (and after your done touching your smart phone)- apply some Aquaphor that I metioned earlier to your hands.  You will be thanking me later!!
Take this tips and put them to use- and you will be glowing all winter long! Xx


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