Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?

As I’m approaching only 5 months left in my 20’s……(scary to say out loud) I just discovered something that I’m wondering why I didn’t do earlier!  Why it never crossed my mind, or why I thought I was the invincible one that didn’t need it, I don’t know.  What is it you ask?  I’ll tell you- WAXING MY ARMS!
Personally, I’m not one that is really into body hair, and have even invested in laser hair removal treatments for other areas of my body.  So why I never paid attention to my arms, I’m not sure!  As the weather has gotten colder and I am not in the presence of the sun everyday as I was in LA, I keep on looking at my arms gettting paler and paler- and my hair really standing out!  Yesterday out of no where it dawned on me- Nikki, why don’t you wax your arms?!  So- as I am with anything in my life- I obsessed over the idea and immediately couldn’t stop thinking about it until it was done!  I luckily had a friend that is very well versed in her own body hair removal, so she was able to give me the insider’s tip.
I went to my local Limoni here in Milan, and got the goods!  I’ll tell you the product to get- so you don’t waste your money or energy on other hair removal products.  It’s called Veet wax strips.  I purchased the ones that are for legs/body because it covers a bigger area, which saves time.  It is the simplest proccess I have ever done, and I have had my go with different waxing products in the past.  They are basically strips that are pre-loaded with wax- so all you have to do is heat them up between your hands (I used a quick blast from my blowdryer)- place them on the area you want to remove the hair- and PULL!!  It is the cleanest and easiest way to deal with body hair removal.  No mess, no fuss, and the whole thing only cost me 8 euro!
I chose to wax my arms over shaving them because with waxing- you are removing the hair from the root- so it lasts longer and grows back softer.  As far as the fear of the pain- it really doesn’t hurt.  It is just like tearing off a bandaid- just a little bit bigger:)!  I have to admit- I can’t stop rubbing my arms!  They are SO soft, it is wonderful!  I also can’t believe the difference it makes esthetically- it just really looks better.  Do me a favor- get yourself a package of Veet, and give it a try.  You will be thanking me, and asking yourself the same question- Why you didn’t do it sooner?!  Enjoy, and remember…..Beauty is PAIN!!! Xx


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