As we all do, we have many products in our cupboard that we forget about or push to the back- as we are always trying the latest and greatest on the market.  This was the case for me with one of my night creams.  I had purchased it for the first time almost two years ago, used it and was happy- but also got distracted and stopped using it after a while.  This past week in one of my skin care panic modes- I decided to give it a try again.
I have to admit- genetically I am pretty lucky with my skin.  I didn’t have to go through the trauma of teenage acne.  I do, however, feel that I have had more skin issues later in life.  It’s not so obvious to the naked eye- but I do get some naughty little blackheads or bumps underneath the skin- and the only way to get rid of them is through extractions.  I have learned from trial and major ERROR- not to mess with getting rid of these little naughties on my own.  I leave it to the professionals.  If I ever try on my own- I immediately regret it.  I end up making things worse than when I started- and it looks like a war zone happened on my face!  When I moved to Italy my biggest concern was my skin!  I know that sounds crazy, but I had found the most amazing Esthetician in LA- and I was scared to have to find a new person all over again in Milan (which I still haven’t found yet, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)
So back to my favorite night cream- which I immediately saw a difference after one night of using (I’m not kidding!)  It’s called Vivite night cream.  Vivite has a whole line of products, and what makes them different is their GLX Technology.  “Regular use of VIVITÉ® with GLX TechnologyTM helps exfoliate, hydrate, and protect skin. Glycolic acid helps promote the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen—which are vital to healthy, new skin.  Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals.”  The night cream has 20% glycolic compound- and my skin loves it!  I have immediately seen a difference- the little naughties have healed and disappeared and the overall smoothness and appearance of my skin is better.  This is one product that I LOVE, and I won’t let it get dusty in my bathroom again!!  Hope you enjoy the tip! Xx


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