Everything you need to know to cover up ZITS!!

We all get them…We all cringe with fear and sadness when we are lying in bed, waking after a nice slumber to a tender spot on the face.  Immediately you think, oh S@#T, my day is ruined!  When you really think hard about it, it’s crazy that we let these little red spots dictate our mood and our lives….but somehow, they do!
I typically have good skin, but every once in a while I’ll get a flare up of trouble- and this week has been nothing but trouble!  When it rains it pours on my skin and I had to call in for back up!  Luckily, I have the worlds best esthetician and I let her tackle all of the problems I was having.  So this video was made the day after my facial.  She got a lot of the congestion out of my skin but I was left with lots of bright red dots and uneven skin to fix up.
photo 2
I must tell you that I swear by this concealing technique and feel VERY STRONGLY about it- so please never conceal your skin in any other way….DEAL?!  Ok glad we got that out of the way….

Watch the video to see it all in action but please always follow this order of operations when dealing with concealing your skin.
1.  Moisturize
2.  Prime (optional)
3.  Foundation…or BB Cream…or CC Cream…or Tinted Moisturizer….(Whatever you fancy!)
4.  Spot conceal, layer by layer until you get it covered
5.  Conceal under eyes
6.  Light powder (if that’s the desired finish- for me personally I never choose to powder…)
7.  Highlight/Contour/Blush
photo 3
I’m all over the map with brands of products I use and price points- but I will never use a low quality foundation on my face.  I’m willing to invest money into my skin health.  I feel like there are other areas to save on cosmetics- but on the skin I want to use only great products with amazing ingredients.  In this video I used a new foundation and it arrived just in time for my breakout- this foundation was created by a Dr. Marko Lens and it is an extension of skincare.  To read more about this skincare brand, I linked it HERE.  The foundation is called Zelens Youth Glow Foundation– “A skin-perfecting treatment foundation providing long-lasting natural-looking light to medium coverage.  The unique ingredient complex adds luminosity and smooths skin texture for an even-toned glowing finish while anti-oxidants help shield against environmental assaults and photo-luminescent diamond spheres optically veil imperfections.”
It’s amazing to see the transformation of my skin in the video just using the foundation- I love the coverage but I have to tell you it doesn’t feel heavy or like makeup- and I think the finish on the foundation is beautiful.
I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking and explaining- but I just wanted to introduce Zelens to you guys because it’s new to me and I think it is amazing.  I linked the rest of the products used in the video below.
I cannot stress enough to you to remember the importance of looking past your blemish and realizing that the world is not staring directly at it.  They are looking at your beautiful personality, confidence, and smile….and the blemish is just an afterthought.  It’s all about the energy you put around having one.  You can ask my boyfriend- one of the few times he saw me cry over something ridiculous was when I had a zit.  I let that zit RULE ME!  He made a joke about it and I LOST IT!!  Now he is always so sweet and sensitive about it when I have one- but he also pointed out to me the other day that I don’t freak out about them like I used to.  I guess I just got over it and realized that there are more important things in the world to stress over then a dot on my face.  So I hope if anything this video helps you if you are struggling, but don’t forget to KEEP ON SHINING!!!  Hope you have a great week!  XO   (PS NO FILTERS OR PHOTOSHOP WERE USED ON ANY OF THESE PICTURES….IT’S JUST MAKEUP!!)
photo 4