Gigi Gorgeous Beauty Interview: Meet the Star of This Is Everything: Makeup Genius Gigi Gorgeous

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Instagram users know what a distraction the app can be. One minute you’re going through your friend’s feed, the next you find yourself ogling images of a total stranger or an Internet celebrity. That’s how I discovered Gigi Gorgeous. I first became obsessed with this YouTube beauty vlogger back when he was a young man showing off his makeup skills. Today, she is a powerful, hilarious, and sincere icon for the transgender community. Gigi bravely shared every step of her transition (from her initial realization to her facial feminization surgery) with her subscribers.

Her sincerity and transparency have gained her some amazing collaborations, including one with Too Faced and a partnership with Miley Cyrus for Pride Month. It’s clear to anyone watching her channel that Gigi is a relatable woman (not to mention fun!). When she made an appearance at Sephora in New York City’s Times Square as a member of Too Faced’s Lipstick Mafia, we chatted mascara, selfies, plastic surgery, and much more. Get the 411 on this sparkling star when you read on.

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