Dakota Johnson’s Hair and Makeup at the 2017 Oscars: Dakota Johnson Jokes at the Oscars: “I’m Actually Not Wearing Any Makeup”

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Dakota Johnson Jokes at the Oscars: “I’m Actually Not Wearing Any Makeup”

If there’s anything we know about Dakota Johnson, it’s that she knows how to make a joke out of any situation, yet when she told Ryan Seacrest she wasn’t wearing makeup at the 2017 Oscars, the crowd took it a little too seriously.

When Dakota went to kiss Ryan hello at the start of their interview, she pointed out that they didn’t even touch, and Ryan explained he never touches a woman’s face on the red carpet to prevent messing up her makeup (and because there’s no place for bronzer residue on his white tux, obviously). “Mine is spray-painted on my face,” Dakota joked. “I’m actually not wearing any makeup.”

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s Oscars Encounter Might Make You Cringe a Little

But all it takes is one quick look at Dakota to know that she was kidding, regardless of her straight face. The Fifty Shades Darker actress pulled up to the red carpet rocking a subtle cognac eye and rose lip, as noted by her makeup artist Kate Lee. Her long lashes and shimmering eye shadow brought out her natural features without looking over the top.

As for her hair, celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend explained that he “took great inspiration from the 1990s. Because her dress, and especially the collar, was so gorgeous and ornate, we wanted to keep the hair sleek, straight, and minimal.” With the help of Dove Extra Hold Hairspray ($4), Dakota’s sleek look was secured for the whole night. Mark fixed the knot with bobby pins, adding a pro tip: “I always use an even number of hairpins because I cross them in an X for extra hold and security.”

Keep reading to see Dakota’s interview with Ryan and more photos from her subtle yet stunning Oscars look.


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