3 Easy Hacks For Hiding That Litter Box Right Meow [VIDEO]

While we adore and would do almost anything for our favorite felines, a common frustration for cat owners is finding a way to hide an unsightly litter box. The furball’s lavatory is not the first thing you want your guests to notice when they walk into any room in your house. Well, we’ve got your litter box covered ― literally! For this video, HuffPost has partnered with Tidy Cats to create a few easy methods to hide the litter box in plain sight. From clever furniture fixes, to sneaky planters, to getting downright crafty, we outline three comely, convenient and creative ways to house your purring pals’ potty. Best of all, these designs can be easily adapted to create a model that aligns with your taste and aesthetic. Just grab your glue gun and get creative so that your precious puss can get down to business in style. 

If you are the type of cat owner who, not only insists on hiding the litter box in an attractive way, but who also makes kitty-cat’s commode from scratch, you are clearly a cat owner who cares! So, why not fill the distinctive feline facility with amazing litter? New Tidy Cats LightWeight with Glade Tough Odor Solutions Clean Blossoms keeps your home, and pussycat’s privy, at its very best. Now that’s the power of pleasant.

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